What amenities and features should I provide to attract guests for a short stay AirBnB rental property?

What amenities and features should I provide to attract guests

To attract guests to your short stay rental property, it’s important to provide desirable amenities and features that enhance their comfort and overall experience. Here are some amenities and features to consider.

Basic essentials

Start by providing the basics that guests expect, such as clean bedding, towels, toilet paper and basic toiletries like soap and shampoo. These are basic amenities that every guest should have access to.

Fully equipped kitchen

A well-equipped kitchen is highly valued by guests as it allows them to prepare their meals and save on meal costs. Stock your kitchen with cooking utensils, pots and pans, dishes, glasses, cutlery, a microwave, refrigerator, stove and a coffee maker. Consider providing some basic pantry items such as salt, pepper, cooking oil and coffee/tea.

Reliable Wi-Fi and entertainment

In today’s digital age, guests expect reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi access. Make sure your property has a strong and secure Internet connection. In addition, consider providing a TV with streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Stan or Paramount Plus, as well as board games, books or other forms of entertainment.

Comfortable sleeping arrangements

Invest in comfortable beds and quality bedding to ensure your guests have a good night’s sleep. Offer a variety of bed sizes to accommodate different group sizes, such as King, Queen and Single beds. Consider providing extra pillows and blankets for added comfort.

Cleaning and laundry facilities

Guests appreciate cleanliness and the ability to keep their belongings fresh. Be sure to provide cleaning supplies and equipment for guests to maintain the cleanliness of the property during their stay. If possible, offer laundry facilities or advise of access to a nearby laundromat.

Outdoor space or balcony

If your property has an outdoor space or balcony, furnish it with comfortable seating, tables and possibly a barbecue. Outdoor areas provide a place for guests to relax, enjoy the scenery and eat al fresco.

Safety and security

Prioritise the safety of your guests by installing smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers. Make sure doors and windows are secure and consider installing a keyless entry system for easy access.

Thoughtful extras

Consider providing thoughtful extras that can enhance the guest experience. This could include items such as a welcome basket of snacks or a bottle of wine, a local guidebook with recommendations for nearby attractions and restaurants, extra charging points for electronic devices, or a small selection of books and magazines.

Highlight Amenities and Features

Remember to highlight these amenities and features in your Airbnb listing to attract potential guests. Also, regularly review guest feedback and adjust your listing based on their preferences and suggestions. By providing a comfortable and well-equipped space, you can attract more guests and receive positive reviews, leading to more bookings for your short-stay rental property.

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