Housekeeping in Relation to AirBnB Cleaning

Housekeeping in Relation to AirBnB Cleaning

Housekeeping refers to the cleaning and maintenance activities carried out to ensure that the property is clean, presentable and comfortable for guests. It includes a range of activities that go beyond basic cleaning, as it aims to create a welcoming and enjoyable experience for guests during their stay. Here are some of the key aspects of housekeeping in short-term rental accommodation:


Housekeeping involves the thorough cleaning of the entire property, including all living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and common areas. This includes dusting, vacuuming, mopping floors, wiping surfaces and cleaning windows. Bed linen and towels will also be washed and replaced with fresh ones.

Inventory Check

Housekeepers check that all essential items such as toiletries, bed linen, towels and kitchen supplies are in sufficient supply. They ensure that each guest has the necessary items for their stay and replenish supplies as required.


Housekeepers may also be responsible for basic maintenance tasks such as changing light bulbs, checking appliances and carrying out minor repairs. They will report any significant maintenance issues to the property owner or manager for further action.

Restocking and Refurbishment

In addition to checking inventory, housekeepers may restock other items such as coffee, tea and condiments. They may also arrange decorative items such as fresh flowers or accents to enhance the overall appeal of the property.

Sanitation and Hygiene

Housekeepers pay particular attention to maintaining a high level of cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation. They clean and disinfect bathrooms, kitchens and frequently touched surfaces to maintain a healthy environment for guests. They may follow specific protocols or guidelines to meet health and safety standards.

Rubbish and Waste Management

Proper waste management is an important part of housekeeping. Housekeepers empty bins and recycling containers and ensure that waste is properly separated and disposed of according to local regulations.

Inspections and Quality Control

Housekeepers often carry out inspections before and after guest stays to ensure that the property is in excellent condition. They check for any damage, missing items or maintenance issues that need to be addressed.

Guest Interaction

Depending on the rental property, housekeepers may have direct interaction with guests, including greeting them, giving instructions, answering questions or offering assistance during their stay.

Scheduling and Coordination

Housekeeping tasks need to be scheduled efficiently to accommodate guest check-in and check-out. Property owners or managers coordinate with housekeeping staff to ensure the property is ready for the next guest’s arrival.

Housekeeping Practices

Efficient and effective housekeeping practices contribute to positive guest experiences and reviews, resulting in guest satisfaction and repeat bookings. Property owners or managers can set specific housekeeping policies or standards to ensure consistency across different AirBnB rentals.

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