DIY vs Professional AirBnB Cleaning Services

DIY vs Professional AirBnB Cleaning Services

When deciding between DIY cleaning and hiring a professional cleaning service for your AirBnB property, you need to weigh up the pros and cons of each approach.

DIY Cleaning:


– Cost savings: DIY cleaning can be more budget-friendly, especially if you’re managing a small property.

– Personal touch: You have control over the cleaning process and can ensure that it meets your preferences.

– Flexibility: You can clean on your own schedule without relying on outside services.


– Time consuming: Cleaning can be time consuming, especially for larger properties or between successive guest stays.

– Skills and knowledge: Effective cleaning requires knowledge of appropriate techniques and products to avoid damage.

– Inconsistent quality: The quality of cleaning can vary depending on the time and expertise available.

Professional cleaning services:


– Expertise: Professionals have the skills and training to clean efficiently and effectively, leaving no corner untouched.

– Time saving: Outsourcing cleaning tasks frees up your time for other aspects of property management.

– Consistency: Professional services provide a consistent level of cleanliness for every guest.


– Cost: Hiring professionals comes at a cost, which can impact your budget, especially for frequent cleanings.

– Reliability: Relying on outside services may require careful selection to ensure they consistently meet your standards.

– Less control: You have less control over the cleaning process, although reputable services often take guest preferences into account.

Ultimately, the choice will depend on factors such as the size of your property, the time available and your budget. Many hosts choose a combination of using professional services for deeper cleaning and carrying out regular maintenance themselves. Whichever approach you choose, maintaining a clean and welcoming space is key to ensuring a positive guest experience.

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