Changing Linen in Relation to AirBnB Cleaning

Changing Linen in Relation to AirBnB Cleaning

Changing Linen refers to the process of removing used or soiled bedding, such as sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers and blankets, and replacing them with fresh, clean linen. This is an essential part of the cleaning routine between guests, to ensure hygiene, comfort and a pleasant experience. Here’s an overview of the linen change process:

Gather Fresh Linen

Prepare clean linen, including sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers and blankets, that matches the bed size and the number of guests expected to stay.

Remove Used Linens

Make up the bed by removing the used linen, including sheets, pillowcases and any extra blankets or throws. Collect them for laundering or disposal, depending on their condition and your property’s policy.


If the linen is reusable, wash it according to the manufacturer’s instructions and recommended settings. Use an appropriate temperature, detergent and any necessary additives such as stain removers or fabric softeners. Separate whites, colours and delicates to avoid colour bleeding or damage.


Dry the laundry completely using a suitable method, such as air drying or tumble drying. Ensure that they are thoroughly dried to prevent moisture build-up and possible mould or mildew growth.

Ironing or Steaming (Optional)

If desired or necessary, iron or steam the linen to achieve a crisp, crease-free appearance. This step can improve the presentation of the bedding.

Making the Bed

Start by placing a fitted sheet on top of the mattress, ensuring a snug fit and smoothing out any creases. Add a flat sheet on top, tucking it neatly under the mattress. Then add pillowcases, duvet covers or blankets as appropriate, arranging them neatly and fluffing pillows for a visually appealing presentation.

Quality Check

Inspect the newly made bed to ensure that the bedding is clean, fitted correctly and free from wrinkles or stains. Make any necessary adjustments or replacements as required.

Changing Linen is Critical

Changing linen is a critical aspect of AirBnB cleaning, as it provides guests with fresh, clean bedding that contributes to their comfort and overall satisfaction. It demonstrates a commitment to cleanliness and attention to detail, leaving guests with a positive impression of their stay.

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