Refresh in Relation to AirBnB Cleaning

Refresh in Relation to AirBnB Cleaning

Refresh, when applied to AirBnB cleaning of short-term rental accommodation, refers to the process of revitalising and rejuvenating the property between guest stays. It includes tasks aimed at restoring the cleanliness, tidiness and general appeal of the property to ensure it is ready and welcoming for the next guest. Here’s an explanation of the refreshing process as it relates to the cleaning of short-term rental accommodation:

Surface Cleaning

Start with a thorough surface cleaning of all areas of the rental property. Dust surfaces, wipe down counters and tables, clean mirrors and glass and remove any visible dirt or grime. Pay attention to high touch areas such as light switches, door handles and remote controls.

Freshen the Bed

Remove sheets, pillowcases and other linen used by the previous guest. Wash them or replace them with fresh, clean linen. Fluff pillows and leave the bed clean and tidy for the next guest.

Bathroom Cleaning

Clean and disinfect the bathroom thoroughly. Scrub the toilet, clean the sink and worktop, wipe down the shower or bath and make sure all surfaces are free of dirt and soap residue. Replenish towels, toilet paper and other essential toiletries as required.

Kitchen Maintenance

Check and clean the kitchen area. Remove any food leftovers or spills from the fridge, wipe down the worktops, clean the sink and cooking surfaces. Make sure kitchen appliances such as the oven and microwave are clean and in working order. Stock up on essentials such as dish soap, sponges and bin liners.

Floor Care

Vacuum or sweep floors in all rooms, including bedrooms, living rooms and common areas. Pay attention to corners and edges and make sure hard-to-reach areas are thoroughly cleaned. Mop hard floors with a suitable cleaner to remove dirt and stains, leaving them fresh and clean.

Deodorise and Freshen the Space

Eliminate any unwanted odours and freshen the air in the rental property. Open windows to let in fresh air, use air fresheners or diffusers with pleasant scents and make sure there are no lingering odours from previous guests.

Check for Damages and Repairs

Carry out a quick inspection of the property to identify any damage or repairs that may need attention. Look for broken or malfunctioning items such as light bulbs, appliances or furniture. Report any significant issues to the appropriate person or maintenance team for timely repairs.

Final Touches

Pay attention to details that enhance the guest experience. Arrange furniture, cushions and decorative items in an appealing and inviting manner. Ensure curtains or blinds are properly adjusted to create an aesthetically pleasing environment.

Quality Control

Before declaring the refreshing process complete, carry out a final quality check. Step back and assess the overall cleanliness and presentation of the rental property, noting any areas that may require additional attention or touch-ups.

Guest Amenities

Restock essential guest amenities such as toiletries, towels and other supplies. Ensure they are neatly arranged and easily accessible for the next guest.

High Standard of Cleanliness

The refreshing process aims to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and presentation in short stay rental accommodation. By efficiently and effectively refreshing the space between guest stays, the property can create a positive and enjoyable experience for guests, ensuring they feel welcome and comfortable during their stay.

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