Creating a Cleaning Schedule for Long-Term AirBnB Guests

Creating a Cleaning Schedule for Long-Term AirBnB Guests

Maintaining a balance between regular cleaning routines and respecting guests’ privacy during extended stays in an AirBnB property is a delicate art. While cleanliness is paramount, guests also value their personal space.

1. Initial communication: Set clear expectations from the start. During the booking process, communicate your cleaning schedule and inquire about guests’ preferences for cleaning frequency.

2. Flexible cleaning options: Offer flexible cleaning options, such as allowing guests to choose between scheduled or as-needed cleaning.

3. Scheduled cleaning: Discuss and agree a cleaning schedule that meets guest preferences. This can include regular deep cleaning and fresh linen.

4. Respect DND requests: Respect guests’ Do Not Disturb requests. If they prefer privacy during certain hours, make sure your housekeeping staff respects these requests.

5. Communication: Keep lines of communication open. Check with guests regularly to see if they need cleaning services or supplies.

6. Cleaning Kits: Provide guests with cleaning supplies and equipment so they can maintain a tidy space if they prefer to do light cleaning themselves.

7. Common Areas: Focus on maintaining common areas and high touch surfaces during extended stays, while respecting guests’ privacy in their personal space.

8. Feedback Loop: Encourage guests to provide feedback on the cleaning schedule and it’s quality. Adjust your approach based on their input.

9. Clear guidelines: Outline your cleaning policy in your property guide or handbook. This will ensure that guests are aware of your approach to cleaning and privacy.

Striking the right balance will ensure your guests enjoy a clean and comfortable environment, while feeling respected and valued as long-term residents. Clear communication and flexibility are key to reconciling cleaning routines with guests’ privacy preferences.

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