What insurance coverage do I need for my Airbnb property?

What insurance coverage do I need for my Airbnb property?

As an Airbnb host, it is important to have appropriate insurance coverage for your property. While specific insurance requirements may vary depending on your location and individual circumstances, here are some common types of coverage to consider.

Host Protection Insurance

Airbnb offers Host Protection Insurance in many countries, including Australia. This coverage is designed to protect hosts against liability claims from guests or third parties for injuries or property damage that may occur during their stay. It is important to review the terms and conditions of this insurance to understand the limits and exclusions.

House and contents insurance

Your standard home insurance policy may not provide adequate coverage for short stay rentals. Consider purchasing a specific policy that covers short stay rentals, including property damage, theft, vandalism and loss of rental income. Make sure the policy covers both the structure and contents of your property.

Liability insurance

In addition to Airbnb’s host protection insurance; it would be wise to purchase separate liability insurance. This can provide additional coverage in the event of accidents or injuries that occur on your property, including slip and falls or damage caused by guests.

Business interruption insurance

This coverage can protect you against loss of rental income if your property becomes uninhabitable due to covered risks such as fire, flood or other damage. It can help to compensate for lost income during the repair or rebuilding process.

Enhanced security insurance

Depending on your location and the specific risks you face, you may want to consider enhanced security insurance. This can provide cover for incidents such as theft, burglary or malicious damage to your property.

Guest property insurance

Although not directly related to your property, it is worth informing your guests that their personal belongings are not covered by your insurance. Encourage them to take out their own travel insurance to protect their belongings and give them peace of mind.

Carefully check

It is important to carefully check the terms, conditions, limits and exclusions of any insurance policy you are considering. Insurance requirements may vary depending on local regulations and the specific characteristics of your property.

Insurance Professional

Consulting with an insurance professional who specialises in short stay rentals can help you determine the most appropriate coverage for your Airbnb property.

One of Australia’s Leading Insurance Companies for Short Stay Rental Properties

Well worth looking into is Terri Scheer who in 1900 launched Australia’s first insurance policy specifically designed to address the risks faced by landlords. Terri Scheer is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Suncorp Group, one of Australia’s largest insurers.

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