What are the best practices for AirBnB guest communication and hospitality?

Best Practices for Airbnb Guest Communication and Hospitality

Effective guest communication and hospitality are critical to ensuring a positive experience at your AirBnB rental property. Keep these methods in mind for the best results.

Prompt and clear communication

Respond to guest requests and messages promptly, ideally within minutes to 1 hour, if at all possible. Be clear and concise in your communication and address any questions or concerns they may have. Use a friendly and professional tone to make guests feel welcome.

Pre-check-in communication

Before your guests arrive, send them detailed information about check-in procedures, including directions to the property, key or locker instructions, and any access codes they may need. Provide contact information in case they have any last-minute questions or need assistance.

Personalised welcome

Make your guests feel welcome and valued by adding a personal touch. Consider leaving a welcome note or a small welcome gift that reflects the local area or theme of your property. This gesture can set a positive tone for their stay.

Clear house rules and instructions

Communicate your house rules and any special instructions to guests before they arrive. Make sure they are easily accessible in the property, such as a printed welcome guide or posted on a notice board. Clearly communicate expectations regarding noise levels, smoking policies, use of amenities and any other relevant guidelines.

Local recommendations

Share your knowledge of the local area by providing guests with a list of recommended restaurants, cafes, attractions and activities. Include maps, brochures or guides to help them navigate and explore the area. Personalised recommendations can enhance their experience and make them feel more connected to the community.

Available and responsive

Respond during their stay: Be available and responsive to your guests’ needs and requests during their stay. Provide a contact number or messaging platform where they can reach you in case of problems or emergencies. Address any maintenance or service requests promptly to ensure their comfort and satisfaction.

Thoughtful extras

Consider providing additional amenities or services to enhance the guest experience. This can include basic toiletries, coffee and tea supplies, extra towels or blankets, and additional items such as beach towels, if applicable to your property. These thoughtful extras can leave a lasting impression on guests and encourage positive reviews.

Check-out procedures

Clearly communicate check-out procedures, including the time and any specific instructions for returning keys or accessing lockers for key drop-off. Provide instructions on how to leave the property in a tidy condition, such as taking out the rubbish or making up the beds. Express your appreciation for their stay and encourage them to share their feedback.

Follow-up and reviews

After guests check out, follow up with a thank you message to express your appreciation for their choice of property. Encourage them to leave a review and provide feedback on their experience. Respond promptly and courteously to guest reviews, whether positive or negative, to show that you value their input.

Continuous improvement

Regularly review guest feedback and suggestions to identify areas for improvement. Use this feedback to make necessary adjustments to enhance the guest experience and address recurring issues. By implementing these best practices, you can foster a positive relationship with your guests and create a welcoming and hospitable environment at your short stay rental property.

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