Toiletries in Relation to AirBnB Cleaning

Toiletries in Relation to AirBnB Cleaning

Toiletries refer to the personal care and hygiene products provided to guests during their stay. These products are often placed in the bathroom and are designed to provide comfort and convenience to guests by providing essential items that they may need. Here are some common toiletries that are typically provided in short stay rental accommodations:


Hand or liquid soap is usually provided at the sink for washing hands. This will help guests maintain good hygiene throughout their stay.

Shampoo and Conditioner

These hair care products are usually supplied in small bottles or sachets and placed in the shower area. They allow guests to clean and condition their hair during their stay.

Body Wash or Shower Gel

Similar to shampoo and conditioner, body wash or shower gel is provided for guests to use while showering. It helps to cleanse the body and leaves a pleasant scent.

Hand Sanitiser

Especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, hand sanitisers have become an essential toiletry item. They are typically placed near the entrance or in common areas to promote hand hygiene.

Toilet Paper

This essential item is provided in sufficient quantities to ensure guests have an adequate supply throughout their stay. It’s usually placed in a visible and accessible location within the washroom.


Tissue boxes or packs are often provided in bedrooms, living areas and bathrooms for guest convenience. They can be used for a variety of purposes, such as blowing noses or wiping up spills.

Disposable Toiletry Items

Some short stay properties also offer disposable items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste and razors for guests who may have forgotten to bring their own. These items are usually individually wrapped for hygiene purposes.

Replenishment and Restocking

Housekeeping staff are responsible for ensuring that toiletries are replenished and restocked before each new guest arrives. They will usually check the stock of these items and replace any that are running low or have been used. They will also ensure that the toilets are thoroughly cleaned, including wiping down surfaces, sanitising fixtures and replenishing fresh towels.

Providing Toiletries

By providing toiletries as part of the cleaning process, short-term rentals aim to provide a comfortable and hassle-free experience for their guests, making them feel well cared for during their stay.

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