The Nooks and Crannies Challenge: AirBnB Deep Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Places

The Nooks and Crannies Challenge: AirBnB Deep Cleaning Hard-to-Reach Places

Deep cleaning an AirBnB property involves more than just the visible surfaces. It’s the hidden nooks and crannies that often harbour dust, dirt and grime. Tackling these hard-to-reach areas is crucial to maintaining a truly pristine and welcoming environment for your guests. Here’s how to tackle the challenge of nooks and crannies:

1. Create a checklist: Create a detailed checklist of all the overlooked areas that need attention, such as behind appliances, under furniture and inside cabinets.

2. Gather tools and supplies: Arm yourself with a range of cleaning tools, including extension dusters, microfiber cloths, brushes and a vacuum cleaner with attachments.

3. Prioritise safety: If you’re dealing with high or hard-to-reach areas, make safety a priority. Use sturdy ladders or consider hiring professionals for risky cleaning jobs.

4. Appliances and electronics: Clean behind and under appliances such as refrigerators, ovens and microwaves. Dust electronics and their cords to prevent fire hazards.

5. Ventilation and fans: Don’t forget ceiling fans, air vents and air conditioners. Dust build-up can affect indoor air quality.

6. Baseboards and corners: Thoroughly clean baseboards, corners and mouldings. Dirt and dust often accumulate in these areas.

7. Lighting fixtures: Dust light fixtures, chandeliers and lampshades. Wipe light bulbs to ensure optimum illumination.

8. Curtains and blinds: Wash or vacuum curtains and blinds to remove dust and allergens.

9. Under furniture: Pull out and clean under furniture to prevent dust accumulating in hidden spaces.

10. Cupboards and drawers: Empty, clean and organise cupboards and drawers. This is particularly important in the kitchen and bathroom.

11. Door frames and handles: Wipe down door frames, handles and knobs, which can collect dirt from frequent use.

12. Vents and filters: Change or clean vents and filters to maintain optimum air quality.

13. Refrigerator coils: Evacuate refrigerator coils to ensure efficiency and prevent overheating.

14. Furniture Upholstery: Vacuum and spot clean upholstered furniture, checking for cracks and seams.

15. Toilet tank and back: Don’t forget the often overlooked areas of the toilet, including the tank and back.

16. Bathroom grout: Scrub the bathroom grout with a brush and appropriate cleaner to remove mould and mildew.

17. Shower heads and taps: Clean shower heads and taps as mineral deposits can affect water flow.

18. Fireplace and chimney: If applicable, have the fireplace and chimney cleaned and inspected regularly.

19. Outdoor areas: Think about outdoor areas such as balconies, patios and windowsills that can collect dirt and debris. Thoroughly addressing these hidden areas will ensure your AirBnB property is not only visually clean, but also maintains optimal hygiene and indoor air quality. Regular deep cleaning of these nooks and crannies will impress your guests and contribute to a positive and comfortable stay.

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