Recycling in Relation to AirBnB Cleaning

Recycling in Relation to AirBnB Cleaning

Recycling refers to the process of separating and collecting recyclable materials to be sent for reprocessing and reuse rather than disposal as waste. Implementing recycling practices in rental accommodation contributes to environmental sustainability and reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill. Here’s an explanation of recycling as it relates to the cleaning of short-term rental accommodation:

Education and Awareness

Start by educating both guests and cleaning staff about the importance of recycling and the specific recycling policies in the area. Provide clear instructions on what materials are recyclable and how they should be sorted and disposed of.

Recycling Bins

Place recycling bins in easily accessible locations throughout the rental property. Ideally, there should be separate bins for different types of recyclables, such as paper, plastic, glass and metal. Clearly label the bins to avoid confusion and ensure proper sorting.

Sorting and Separation

Instruct guests to sort their recyclable waste and dispose of it in the appropriate recycling bins provided. Encourage them to rinse containers and remove any food or residue before recycling. Cleaning staff should also be trained to separate recyclables from other waste during the cleaning process.

Recycling Guidelines

Familiarise yourself with the specific recycling guidelines and requirements of your local recycling programme or waste management authority. Different areas may have different rules about what materials can be recycled and how they should be prepared for recycling. Follow these guidelines to ensure that your recycling efforts are effective and in compliance with local regulations.


Display signage or information materials in visible areas of the rental property, such as kitchens or common areas, to remind guests of the importance of recycling and the specific recycling procedures in place. Communicate the property’s commitment to sustainability and encourage guests to participate in recycling efforts.

Waste Reduction

Encourage waste reduction practices by providing reusable alternatives to disposable items. For example, offer reusable shopping bags, refillable soap dispensers, or provide filtered water instead of bottled water. Minimise the use of disposable items and choose environmentally friendly alternatives wherever possible.

Partner with Recycling Services

Work with local recycling services or waste management companies to ensure that collected recyclables are properly processed and recycled. Familiarise yourself with the collection schedules and guidelines provided by these services.

Monitoring and Feedback

Regularly monitor recycling efforts and provide feedback to guests and cleaning staff. Recognise and value their contribution to recycling and sustainability. Promptly address any issues or concerns and provide additional training or resources as needed.

Continuous Improvement

Seek continuous improvement in recycling practices. Keep abreast of new recycling technologies, trends and best practices. Share relevant information with guests and employees to promote a culture of sustainability and encourage continued participation in recycling efforts.

Environmental Impact

Recycling in short-term rental accommodation not only reduces environmental impact, but also sends a positive message to guests about the property’s commitment to sustainability. By implementing recycling practices, rental accommodation can contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future, while providing a responsible and eco-friendly experience for guests.

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