Laundry in Relation to AirBnB Cleaning

Laundry in Relation to AirBnB Cleaning

Laundry is an important aspect of maintaining cleanliness and providing a comfortable stay in a short stay rental. It involves the proper washing, drying and care of linen, towels, bedding and other fabric items. Here’s an explanation of laundry as it relates to short stay rental accommodation:


Start by sorting the laundry by colour, type of fabric and degree of soiling. This will help prevent colour bleeding and ensure that each load is washed at the correct temperature and with the correct detergent.


Use a washing machine to wash your bedding and towels. Follow the care instructions on the label for each item, including the recommended water temperature, wash cycle and type of detergent. Use a detergent suitable for the fabric and make sure it is evenly distributed. If necessary, pre-treat stains before washing.


After washing, either tumble dry or hang to dry, depending on the type of fabric and any specific instructions. Ensure that the dryer settings, such as temperature and drying time, are appropriate for the fabric being dried. If hanging, ensure good ventilation and that items are completely dry before folding and storing.

Ironing and Pressing

Iron or press linen, bedding and any other fabric that needs ironing. This will help remove creases and give a neat and professional appearance. Pay particular attention to pillowcases, sheets and tablecloths as these items are usually visible to guests.

Folding and Storage

Once the linen is clean and dry, fold it neatly and store it in a designated area. Organise linen and towels so that they are easily accessible to guests. Consider labelling or categorising items to make it easier for housekeeping staff to retrieve and restock.

Quality Control

Carry out quality control checks to ensure that laundered items meet the required standards. Check for stains, residual dirt or damage that may have occurred during the laundering process. Replace or repair any damaged or worn items.

Stocking and Inventory

Maintain an inventory of linen, towels and bedding to ensure an adequate supply for guests. Regularly assess the condition of these items and replace as necessary to maintain a high level of cleanliness and comfort.

External Laundry Services

In a number of cases, short-term rental accommodation can rely on external laundry services. Ensure that any outsourced laundry services follow appropriate hygiene practices, use quality detergents and meet agreed standards of cleanliness and fabric care.

Important for Guest Comfort

Proper laundry cleaning is important for guest comfort, hygiene and overall satisfaction. Fresh, clean, and well-maintained linens and towels contribute to a positive guest experience and help establish a professional image for the rental property.

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