Guest Supplies in Relation to AirBnB Cleaning

Guest Supplies in Relation to AirBnB Cleaning

Guest Supplies refer to the essential items provided to guests during their stay to ensure their comfort and convenience. These items are usually replenished or refreshed by the cleaning staff between guest stays. Here are some common guest items that may be included:


Provide basic toiletries such as soap, shampoo, conditioner and body wash, in individual travel-size containers or dispensers located in the bathroom. Other items such as hand sanitiser, lotion and dental kits (toothbrush and toothpaste) may also be included.

Towels and Linen

Provide an adequate supply of clean towels, including bath towels and hand towels. Also provide fresh bed linen, including sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers. Make sure the linen is clean, neatly folded and free of stains or damage.

Toilet Paper and Tissues

Keep an adequate supply of toilet paper rolls and tissues for the duration of the guest’s stay. Ensure that spare rolls are available in a visible and easily accessible location.

Kitchen Supplies

If the accommodation has a kitchen or kitchenette, provide basic kitchen supplies such as washing-up liquid, dishwasher tablets or detergent (if available), sponge and tea towel. Some hosts also provide coffee, tea, sugar and cream/milk for guests to use.

Cleaning Supplies

Leave a small supply of cleaning products in the accommodation for guests to use during their stay, such as a multi-purpose cleaner, glass cleaner and surface disinfectant. This will allow guests to maintain cleanliness during their stay if they wish.

Rubbish Bin Liners

Provide an adequate number of bin liners for guests to dispose of their waste. Place extra bags in an easily accessible location, such as under the kitchen sink or in a designated storage area.

Hangers and Storage

Provide an adequate number of hangers in wardrobes for guests to hang their clothes. In addition, provide storage options such as drawers or shelves for guests to store their belongings.

Iron and Ironing Board

Include an iron and ironing board in the accommodation, so that guests can freshen up their clothes if necessary.

Welcome Pack

Some hosts choose to provide a welcome pack containing information about the accommodation, local attractions, emergency contact details and any special instructions or rules. This pack may also include small complimentary items such as snacks, bottled water and condiments.

Other Considerations

Depending on the type of accommodation and location, hosts may provide additional guest amenities, such as beach towels, umbrellas, hairdryers, fans or portable heaters to enhance guest comfort and convenience.

Well-stocked Guest Supplies

Ensuring that guest amenities are well stocked, clean and readily available contributes to a positive guest experience in short-term rental properties. Regularly checking and replenishing these supplies during the cleaning process will create a welcoming and hassle-free environment for your guests.

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