Guest Check-in in Relation to AirBnB Cleaning

Guest Check-in in Relation to AirBnB Cleaning

Guest Check-in refers to the process by which guests arrive at the property and gain access to their accommodation. While check-in itself is not directly related to cleaning, it is an important milestone in the overall guest experience. However, there are some factors related to cleaning that can be associated with the check-in process. Here’s an overview:

Property Readiness

Prior to check-in, the property should be thoroughly cleaned and prepared to ensure it is clean, sanitised and ready for guests. This includes completing the changeover cleaning process to ensure all areas are clean, linen is changed and necessary supplies are restocked.

Key Exchange or Access Instructions

Depending on the layout of the property, check-in may involve meeting guests in person to hand over keys or providing access instructions for keyless entry systems. These arrangements should be clearly communicated in advance to facilitate a smooth check-in process.

Welcome and Orientation

Upon check-in, it may be customary to welcome guests and provide them with any necessary information about the property and its amenities. This may include demonstrating how to operate appliances, adjust thermostats, access Wi-Fi or highlight any special instructions for the comfort and safety of guests.


Although not a direct part of the check-in process, it is common practice for the host or property manager to inspect the accommodation shortly before guests check-in. This inspection ensures that the property meets the expected standards of cleanliness and quality and that any potential problems can be dealt with promptly.

Guest Assistance

During the check-in process, hosts or property managers may offer assistance or be available to answer any questions guests may have about their stay, the accommodation or the local area. This can help guests feel welcome, supported and well-informed.

Welcoming Guests

Although check-in is primarily about welcoming guests and facilitating their arrival, it is closely linked to the cleanliness and readiness of the rental property. By ensuring the property is thoroughly cleaned and prepared before guests arrive, hosts can create a positive first impression and set the stage for an enjoyable and comfortable stay.

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