Gardens in Relation to AirBnB Cleaning

Gardens in Relation to AirBnB Cleaning

Gardens refer to the external area surrounding the property that is designed and maintained for aesthetic appeal, relaxation and recreation. Whilst gardening is not part of a cleaning routine, it is important to keep it tidy and presentable for guests. Here’s an overview of some of the gardening tasks that may be required by your gardener:

General Tidying

Remove any rubbish, leaves or debris from the garden area. This includes cleaning paths, patios and other outdoor surfaces to maintain cleanliness and prevent slips and falls.

Lawn Maintenance

If the property has a lawn, ensure that it is mown, trimmed and free of overgrown grass. Remove any weeds, fallen branches or other obstructions that may affect the appearance or safety of the garden.

Plant Care

Check the condition of the plants, flowers and shrubs in the garden. Prune and trim as necessary to maintain a neat and tidy appearance. Remove dead flowers or plants and water adequately to keep them healthy.

Garden Furniture Cleaning

If the garden has outdoor furniture such as tables, chairs or sunbeds, clean them thoroughly. Remove any dirt, dust or stains from the furniture surfaces and ensure they are ready for guests to use.

Patio and Deck Cleaning

Clean the patio or deck area, including sweeping or hose down any dirt or debris. Pay attention to any stains or spills and clean them with appropriate outdoor cleaning products.

Pool or Water Feature Maintenance

If the property has a pool or water feature, make sure it is clean and well maintained. Skim the surface of the pool to remove leaves and debris, check and adjust chemical levels as necessary, and ensure proper filtration and circulation.

Outdoor Lighting

Check and clean outdoor lighting such as path lights, string lights or garden lights. Replace any burnt out bulbs to ensure a well-lit and safe outdoor environment.

Pest Control

Monitor the garden for pests such as mosquitoes, ants and flies. Take the necessary steps to control and prevent infestations by using insecticides or natural pest control methods.

Garden Waste Disposal

Dispose of garden waste properly, whether it’s green waste, fallen branches or grass clippings. Use designated bins or arrange for proper waste collection to maintain a clean and tidy garden area.

Regular Maintenance

Schedule regular garden maintenance to keep the garden in good condition throughout the year. This may include regular watering, fertilising or planting new flowers or plants as required.

A Well-Maintained Garden Adds Value

A well-maintained garden adds value to the overall guest experience in a short-term rental property. By keeping the garden clean, tidy and visually appealing, you provide a pleasant outdoor space for relaxation, recreation and enjoyment.

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