Decluttering in Relation to AirBnB Cleaning

Decluttering in Relation to AirBnB Cleaning

Decluttering refers to the process of removing unnecessary items, organising belongings and creating a clean and functional living space for guests. Here’s an overview of decluttering:

Remove Excess Items

Identify and remove any items that are unnecessary or take up valuable space in the property. This may include personal belongings, decorations, excess furniture or items that are worn out or broken.

Organise Storage Spaces

Ensure that storage areas such as cupboards, wardrobes and drawers are organised and free from clutter. Arrange items neatly, use storage solutions, for instance bins or organisers, and create designated spaces for different categories of items.

Clear Countertops and Surfaces

Remove unnecessary items from countertops, tables and other surfaces. Keep only essential items such as appliances, decorations or amenities that guests may find useful. Minimise visual clutter and create a clean and spacious appearance.

Create Functional Spaces

Arrange furniture and decor to maximise the functionality of each area. Create comfortable seating areas, designated workspaces where appropriate, and ensure pathways are clear and easily accessible.

Store Essential Items Properly

Organise and store essential items such as extra linen, towels, cleaning supplies and kitchen utensils in a tidy and accessible manner. Use labelled containers or shelves to keep items organised and easy to find.

Consider Guest Needs

Anticipate guests’ needs and provide essential amenities without cluttering the space. This could include items such as coat hangers, luggage racks, bedside tables or hooks for hanging towels or coats.

Personalise Thoughtfully

Add tasteful, minimalist touches to enhance the ambience without overwhelming the space. Choose items that are easy to clean and maintain and avoid excessive decorations that gather dust or create a cluttered environment.

Outdoor Spaces

Pay attention to outdoor spaces: If applicable, ensure that outdoor areas such as balconies, patios or gardens are also free of clutter. Remove debris, organise outdoor furniture and create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere.

A Clean and Tidy Space

Decluttering plays an important role in the cleaning of short stay accommodation as it helps to create a clean and tidy space that is visually appealing to guests. By decluttering, you can improve the overall guest experience, promote a sense of calm and relaxation, and make cleaning and maintenance easier between guest stays.

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