COVID-19 Cleaning Protocols for AirBnB Hosts: Prioritizing Safety and Hygiene

COVID-19 Cleaning Protocols for AirBnB Hosts: Prioritizing Safety and Hygiene

In the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining the health and safety of your guests is paramount. As an AirBnB host, following strict cleaning protocols is essential to reassure your guests and create a safe environment. Here’s a comprehensive guide to COVID-19 cleaning protocols for AirBnB hosts:

1. Prepare for cleaning:

– Wear personal protective equipment (PPE), including gloves and a mask.

– Ventilate the property by opening windows and doors before cleaning.

2. High touch surfaces:

– Disinfect frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, remote controls and faucet handles.

– Use an EPA-approved disinfectant that is effective against COVID-19.

3. Laundry and bedding:

– Wash all linen, towels and bedding with hot water and appropriate detergents.

– Consider using a colour safe bleach to disinfect while maintaining the quality of the fabric.

4. Hard surfaces:

– Clean and disinfect hard surfaces such as counters, tables and kitchen equipment.

– Pay particular attention to kitchen areas where food is prepared.

5. Soft furnishings:

– Vacuum upholstered furniture and curtains.

– Consider using fabric-safe disinfectants on soft surfaces.

6. Bathroom hygiene:

– Disinfect bathroom surfaces, including taps, handles and shower areas.

– Use disposable wipes to clean toilet seats and lids.

7. Ventilation:

– Ensure proper ventilation by opening windows and using fans.

– Increased air circulation will help reduce the concentration of airborne particles.

8. Waste disposal:

– Empty and disinfect waste bins and replace liners.

– Dispose of used cleaning materials and PPE properly.

9. Guest information:

– Inform guests of your cleaning procedures.

– Provide guidelines for responsible behaviour during their stay.

10. Post-cleaning inspection:

– Conduct a thorough post-cleaning inspection to ensure that all areas have been properly disinfected.

– Consider using a checklist to check the tasks that have been completed.

11. Communication:

– Communicate your enhanced cleaning protocols to potential guests in your listing description.

– Address any safety concerns that guests may have.

12. Guest check-in:

– Implement touchless check-in procedures to reduce physical interaction.

– Provide key pick-up instructions or digital entry codes.

13. Cleaning frequency:

– Increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces.

– Consider leaving a gap between bookings to allow for thorough cleaning.

14. Training and resources:

– Keep up to date with the latest health authority cleaning guidelines.

– Train your cleaning staff or team members in proper COVID 19 cleaning procedures.

By carefully following these COVID 19 cleaning protocols, you will demonstrate your commitment to the safety and well-being of your guests. As guests seek reassurance and a clean environment, your proactive approach can help create a positive experience while keeping health a priority in these challenging times.

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