AirBnB Cleaning with Kids – Balancing Hosting and Parenting

AirBnB Cleaning with Kids – Balancing Hosting and Parenting

Juggling an AirBnB hosting business with childcare can be challenging, but with careful planning and a little creativity, it’s possible to strike a balance between maintaining a clean and welcoming space and being an attentive parent. Here are some strategies to help you manage both responsibilities effectively:

1. Set realistic expectations: Recognise that your cleaning routine may need to be more flexible when children are around. Set achievable standards of cleanliness that take into account the demands of parenting.

2. Involve the children: Make cleaning a family affair. Give your children age-appropriate tasks and make cleaning a bonding activity. Not only will this reduce your workload, but it will also teach them valuable life skills.

3. Create a cleaning schedule: Set up a cleaning schedule that works around your children’s routines. Clean during nap time or involve them in quick clean-ups before meals or bedtime.

4. Embrace multitasking: Combine parenting and cleaning tasks whenever possible. For example, wipe down surfaces while supervising playtime or involve children in folding laundry.

5. Take advantage of nap times: Use your children’s nap times as special cleaning windows. Focus on tasks that require concentrated effort during these quieter moments.

6. Use efficient cleaning strategies: Choose efficient cleaning techniques that save time. For example, use microfiber cloths to wipe surfaces quickly and keep cleaning supplies handy for touch-ups on the go.

7. Delegate: Consider outsourcing some cleaning tasks to professional cleaners during busy periods. This will allow you to spend more time with your children.

8. Flexibility is key: Accept that there will be days when cleaning takes a back seat to parenting. Give yourself permission to prioritise your children’s needs when necessary.

9. Communicate with guests: Be open with guests about your situation. Let them know if you have children and explain any minor disruptions that may occur due to your parenting responsibilities.

10. Self-care: Remember to take care of yourself. Balancing parenting and hosting can be demanding, so make sure you take moments for self-care to recharge.

Successfully managing an AirBnB hosting business with children requires adaptability and finding creative ways to integrate both roles. By involving your children, creating a family-friendly cleaning routine, and maintaining open communication with guests, you can create a harmonious environment where both hosting and parenting thrive.

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